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For overseas customers

Shopping procedure

1.General flow

①Add items to Cart

②Accept terms of use and limitation of liability

③Confirm your order
※Click “UPDATE CART” if you need to modify your order.

2.To purchase procedure

Enter your personal information (email address and shipping address).

3.Proceed to select shipping method

Confirm shipping method and fee

※please click “change” in blue, in upper right of the column if you wish to send to change address.

4.Proceed to payment

Select payment method

※Please scroll down and change the billing address BEFORE entering your credit card information if you need to change the billing address. Your payment will be immediately applied once you fill in your information and press “enter key.”

※Depending on your country or region,you may be required to enter your Individual Number Card

5.Pay now

Select payment method

①“Your order has been confirmed”

②You will shortly receive a confirmation email “Order #0000 confirmed”

Cancelling or Modifying of Order

・Cancelling of a completed order
Shizendo shall not accept the cancel request of a completed order for customers’ personal matter (wrong order etc.). However, if it is urgent, please contact us through the Return Inquiry Form as soon as possible. We may accept your request if your order has not been shipped yet.

・Adding items to a completed order
Due to the website’s system, Shizendo is unable to accept additional items to your completed order. Please either cancel the completed order and order altogether once again or make a separate order. We may be able to pack your orders altogether if your initial order was not shipped yet. ※About cooling-off: For customer in Japan
Online shopping is not subject to the cooling off system.

Payment Procedure

・Credit Cards
- American Express

・Google Pay

・Apple Pay

- Once you select credit card, we will promptly check your card information with the card company online. We will ship your once the payment is confirmed by the card company.

- Your card information, personal information, and shopping details are encrypted by SSL. (Please refer to our Privacy Policy regarding the protection of your personal information.)

- Bank payment or cash on delivery are not accepted.

- We do not issue receipts. Please keep the bills issued by your card company as receipt. We will be specified as “至善堂SHIZENDO” on their receipts.

Shipping and delivery

- Shizendo is unable to accept request for arrival dates.

- After confirming your order, we will announce the shipping date and delivery date by an email titled “Shipping update for order #0000.” To track your parcel or in case you need to directly contact the delivery agent (about rescheduling of delivery etc), please refer to the track number specified on the email.

- Orders are shipped as soon as it is ready, usually in two business days as.

- The shipping process may be busy during the sale and the following week.

- Delivery may take time depending on the stock, shipping process, or transportation matters.

- Since Shizendo shares the stock with the retail store, some products may be out of stock in times. We will directly contact you in those cases.

For customers overseas

The package includes 400g of the packing materials. Your items will be delivered in three to seven days.

- Please contact us if your country or region is not listed below.

- The price may change without announcement depending on the oil prices or other conditions.

- In case the total weight of your order exceeds 10kg, please separate the order or contact us through Contact Form.

- We will contact you through email in case additional shipping fees arises.

Shipping Fee for Reference

Including 400g of packing weight

Package Size Country or Region
Korea, Taiwan, East Asia Aus, NZ US, Canada, Mexico Europe UAE, Others
¥2,600 ¥2,800 ¥4,300 ¥3,300 ¥5,700
¥4,500 ¥4,800 ¥6,900 ¥7,300 ¥13,100
¥6,800 ¥8,200 ¥11,100 ¥12,600 ¥20,100
¥9,100 ¥11,500 ¥15,200 ¥18,000 ¥27,200
¥11,400 ¥14,900 ¥19,400 ¥23,300 ¥34,200
¥13,700 ¥18,300 ¥23,600 ¥28,600 ¥41,300
¥16,000 ¥21,700 ¥27,700 ¥34,000 ¥48,400

Customs Duty

- Customs duty is imposed on the designated products purchased abroad. Value-added tax (VAT) is usually imposed in the country where the product and service are consumed. Customs duty and other taxes vary between countries. Please check the website of your country’s custom referring to the HS code (specified on the product’s webpage and standard tub).

- The delivery agent will have your items go through the customs on behalf of you. Please directly pay the tax and custom duty to the delivery agent.

Shipping fees

The shipping fees or product range are specially set for Shizendo online store. Some of them may vary from those offered at our physical store or when contacted by phone.

・Customers in Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu area

- When the total price of an order (tax include) is
・More than 11,000JPY: Free
・Less than 11,000JPY: 770 JPY (tax included)

- When the total purchased items are less than 100g in weight, 3 cm in thickness and A4 in size: 360 JPY (tax included)

- If the item is labelled with “directly sent from the factory,” additional fees of 1100 JPY (tax included) is added.

- Please directly contact us when total weight of your order exceeds 10kg.

・Customers in Okinawa, Hokkaido, and remote islands

- When the total price of an order (tax include) is

・More than 33,000JPY: Free

・Less than 33,000JPY: 1760 JPY (tax included)

- When the total purchased items are less than100g, 3 cm in thickness and A4 in size: 360 JPY (tax included)

- If the item is labelled with “directly sent from the factory,” additional fees of 2200 JPY (tax included) is added.

- Please directly contact us when total weight of your order exceeds 10kg.

- Please make sure you select shipping method for “Okinawa, Hokkaido and remote islands.” If you select normal shipping procedure, we have to ask to cancel your order for once.

Delivery methods

Shizendo choses either Sagawa Express or Japan Post for shipping.

- If the parcel is under the size of 360 JPY shipment, your parcel is sent through Japan Post service and it will be delivered to your post.

- If it is sent through Sagawa Express, it will be delivered to your door. Please make sure you will be at home when it is delivered.

- Please refer to the email “Shipping update for order #0000” for more details.

- For customers in Okinawa, Hokkaido, and remote islands, metallic powders and liquid will be shipped by ship, which takes a week to ten days.

- In case the parcel is sent pack due to the absence of receiver or unknown address:

※In case the receiver is absence or address is unknow, the parcel is kept by the agency for a while (please refer to the table below) and sent back to Shizendo. The order will be regarded as cancelled. In that case, the customer will be charged with the round shipping fees and 4 % of card’s transaction fees. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Period for keeping the unaccepted parcel

Original period
(the day of arrival included)
Extension period
(the day of arrival included)
Forwarding to another address
Sagawa Express 8days 14days ×
(Japan post)
7days 10days